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About Taylor's Boats, Inc - We're Interesting

Welcome to Taylor's Boats in Draper, Utah. We love boating and are dedicated to help your family have a fun time on the water. We believe Cobalt, Axis, and Malibu boats are the best on the market. Boating has never been so exciting as it is now!

We understand boating is one of the best ways to get the family together. Malibu, Cobalt, and Axis all enhance your experience on the water better than any other boat manufacturers. Malibu boats, Cobalt boats, and Axis all stand behind their products and are determined to help you and your family have a successful boating experience. Each manufacturer offers a wide variety products and services to meet your needs as a future or current boat owner.

Boats have dramatically improved over the years and now offer each family multiple ways to have a good time boating. Our sales, finance, and service crew members are ready to answer any questions you may have.

The man behind Taylor's Boats is owner and CEO, Taylor Richards. For the past 22 years, Richards has brought his expertise and professionalism to the Utah boating community.

In 1983, while attending Brigham Young University, Richards began searching for the one thing that could bring happiness to his life. One weekend, Richards and his wife took the family boat out on the water for a day of fun on one of Utah's lakes. Little did he know the first chapter of his destiny was about to be written. Richards performed some maintenance on the boat before giving it back to his in-laws, and he knew the boating industry is where he belonged.

After trying to find a gig with a local dealer in Orem, Richards landed his first job in the industry at a marina being built off of Utah Lake. His passion grew with each day, as he got to work around the water and perform maintenance on the boats. Still, Richards had it in the back of his mind that someday, he would be the one running the show.

Richards began to network with some of the industry leaders, and soon he was selling Cobalt's for a living. Taylor soon saw the value that Cobalt had to offer and the direction that Cobalt was headed. He's always loved the craftsmanship and the service Cobalt provided for its customers. It wasn't too long before Richards found himself trying to convince industry leaders to give him a shot at being a dealer.

In the fall of 1992, Richards answered a call from a man who was about to make his dreams come true. The gentleman on the other end of the phone offered Taylor a chance of a lifetime. Before he knew it, Richards was on a plane to Cobalt headquarters in Kansas. Taylor Richards was given the opportunity to be the Salt Lake City dealer for the Cobalt line.

Since that day, Richards has worked his way up the food chain, eventually becoming one of the largest volume dealers in the state. Malibu Boats, Cobalt Boats, and Axis Wake Research - give Taylor's Boats a chance to offer their customers the best of the best in the boating industry.

Twenty-five years after Richards found the industry, he's now opened up a brand new, state-of-the-art facility in Draper. The new facility has a bigger showroom, 24-hour security with outdoor storage and the same great customer service Utahans have grown accustomed to. We are thrilled to represent Cobalt, Malibu, and Axis. We love boating and will help your family have a successful boating experience. We are located just south of Ikea.

The new Taylor's Boats facility is now open. The new address is 13524 South. 200 West. Draper, Utah 84020